MESPAS updates its Technical Ship Management software

MESPAS updates its Technical Ship Management software

MESPAS is delighted to announce the launch of its latest software version, released on 7th May 2021. It includes various useful new features to enhance the Technical Ship Management experience.

Released only two days ago, more than 80% of all vessels using MESPAS are now already using the new features. This is possible thanks to MESPAS’s sophisticated synchronisation mechanism. It deploys software version updates to any place in the world in small files and automatically installs them in a matter of seconds.

Following are just a small selection of the highlights:

  • Notifications. Keep up to date in real time with our new notification system. Get updated about procurement activities and react instantly.
  • Supplier rating system.  Quickly share your experience of a supplier with the MESPAS community. Benefit from the ratings of others when choosing a new supplier. Analyse your ratings and remarks internally and respond accordingly.
  • Reliable inventory on ships. Our software supports crews by ensuring their inventory is always up to date. The office can verify stock updates, calculate their value and control future procurement activities.

MESPAS software engineers are constantly adding new software features and improving the existing software. Customers receive these improvements twice a year in a new software release, automatically deployed. Our regular software releases bring new developments to your fingertips.