MESPAS to Cover Upcoming MRV Regulation

MESPAS to Cover Upcoming MRV Regulation

The European Union has defined a new regulation 2015/757 for the shipping industry; known as MRV regulation.

MRV (Monitoring, Reporting, Verification) basically addresses greenhouse gas emission – targeting a transparent view on shipping industry emission in a first phase and obviously, a reduction in a second phase. The first MRV regulation implementation milestone, relevant for fleet-managers and fleet-owners, is scheduled for August 2017 already.

Furthermore, as of beginning 2019, the IMO will require MRV like reporting of greenhouse gas emissions globally. Thus, these initiatives are relevant for you, no matter where your vessels are operated.

Here is the good news: MESPAS decided to cover both regulations completely. Therefore, no need for you to validate 3rd party solutions; your vessel crews and office staff will be able to cover the new regulatory requirements with the product they are already familiar with, MESPAS PAM.

Launch of the new functionality is planned for April 2017. Further details about functionality, associated services and pricing will be unveiled soon. Like to learn more? Don’t hesitate to contact us.