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Who we are 

We are a Swiss-based, independent engineering and ICT company with headquarters in Zürich and international subsidiaries, and can proudly look back on over 10 years of experience.

Given our prime focus on Physical Asset Management Software and Services, we are your ideal partner if you're managing ships, production sites or any other maintenance intensive business.

We will provide you with all the required software components to ensure continuous operation of your business; to plan and execute maintenance tasks, do stock management of spare parts and consumables, establish straight-through procurement to your suppliers, automate invoicing and budgeting processes, facilitate quality and risk management and govern all required documents.

You're a supplier and want to market your products through new channels?

Then you're also right with us. Thanks to our Supplier Business Management Solutions, we can directly integrate your services into the procurement processes of your customers. On the one hand, your transaction costs will be minimized by the online reception of purchase request and online offerings. On the other hand, your business transparency will be maximized due to the fact that our dashboards collect all relevant business insights ranging from successful, open and declined offers to track records with your customers.

Since our very beginnings we have been running all our Software Products on a centralized multi-tenant database. Hence, we were already providing cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) Solutions at a time when our competitors considered this a sound idea they would want to implement in the far future.

Owing to MESPAS' cloud based software architecture, our customers can count on the advantages of unrivalled implementation speed at fully transparent costs without neither the need of onsite product installation nor infrastructure or expensive migration projects for product updates. Moreover, we have always been leveraging synergies for our customers, gained across many industries. Just to give you one example: whenever we update manufacturers' product manuals or maintenance plans, they are instantaneously accessible for the entire MESPAS community.

And we have been collecting information of hundreds of installations all over the world for many years. This huge quantity of information proves to be a unique asset for our Analytics, Optimization and Research purposes. Have you ever looked for a chance to compare your fleets’ or industrial plants’ performance with industry KPIs or have you ever wanted to find potential towards optimized operational efficiency? Then you should definitely consider our respective out-of-the-box products and services.

Thus, finally, also if you are a stakeholder of the industries running our products, i.e. a representative of a classification society or an investor – you might be interested in a collaboration with us.

The Company Milestones


The foundation stone of the company MESPAS was laid by a couple of inspired maritime engineers


Established first strategic international partnerships for workload balancing and growth enabling


First and successful rollout of MESPAS products and services outside of the maritime industry


MESPAS crossed threshold of 500 installations – with a majority in the shipping industry


The Cube becomes new standard component in the sophisticated MESPAS product architecture


Launch of several new modules – MESPAS now covering all aspects of modern fleet management


Achievement of an important sales milestone: Sold 1000+ MESPAS Physical Asset Management Installations


Founded Polish ICT subsidiary - stengthened engineering team to realize enhanced product portfolio


Rollout of first, web based Management Information Dashboards to different industries


Go live of web based Supplier Business Management Solution – replacing former rich client application


MESPAS goes mobile – procurement supervision App to monitor all purchasing activities


Opening of Supplier Business Management (SBM 2.0) to non-MESPAS purchasing activities

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