Our Recent Initiatives

Abacus Ship Management Limited Hong Kong have recently installed MESPAS maritime software in their fleet of 13 ships. They join the many hundreds of ships all over the world using the MESPAS platform to integrate their processes from ship to shore to supplier. A new video from MESPAS demonstrates their unique concept.

Abacus signed the contract with MESPAS in January this year, in February MESPAS Technical Ship Management software (TSM) was installed and by the end of March their ships were up and running. Within a little more than 2 months the implementation was complete. This was achieved during the rapid spread of the Corona Virus so that implementation and training were all carried out remotely. It was all possible thanks to the flexibility of the Abacus staff and online availability of the MESPAS system and data via its unique database in the cloud. This database contains the technical details of the millions of pieces of machinery required on a ship. The unique dataset was mapped to all sister vessels in the Abacus fleet so that each vessel received ship specific data and could start working immediately. Data management is made easy, eliminating the necessity for typing in information, avoiding errors and reducing workload.

Even now, as lockdowns continue all over the world, Abacus employs in various locations around the globe, be it on a vessel or working from a home office, can continue working with the MESPAS system. All staff and vessels have access to the same identical information.

Rajan Gupta, Managing Director at Abacus, praised MESPAS’s speed of implementation and unique data management solution: “We are excited about working with MESPAS. Their project managers were highly competent and efficient. On one single platform we can now exchange information for maintenance, QHSE, operations and procurement amongst all our vessels and offices. The preventive maintenance and QHSE modules from MESPAS mean that are team know exactly which tasks need carrying out on our ships and are always up to date”.

MESPAS recently released a new video. In under 3 minutes it describes the advantages of their unique software. Watch it here.

MESPAS constantly helps shipping companies to improve their business processes, resulting in better performance and decreased costs. Abacus is the latest company to rely on their unique cloud-based software for data sharing and management.

Download the press release here

MESPAS availability during current COVID-19 situation

COVID-19 has developed into a global pandemic. Our major goal is to keep the MESPAS Community safe and healthy. Our teams in Switzerland, Poland and Singapore are working from home and we have reduced the physical presence in our offices in these regions to an absolute minimum.

All our staff remains at the disposal of our customers. We can still be contacted via normal office telephone numbers and email addresses. Our team ensures the proper functionality of the MESPAS maritime software solution, allowing our customers to access their data from home too. The development of new software features will also go ahead.

The MESPAS team wishes everybody to stay healthy.

New EU and IMO regulations come in to force this year concerning the declaration and inventory of hazardous substances (IHM). MESPAS provides ship managers and suppliers with the tools to comply.

In 2013 the EU issued regulations concerning the inventory of hazardous materials and granted the maritime industry seven years to achieve compliance. As of December 2020, vessel owners / operators are obliged to conduct an inventory of all hazardous materials on board a vessel and provide this information to the authorities.

In anticipation of these requirements, in its most recent software release MESPAS introduced new functionalities to ensure compliance with the new regulations. Information concerning hazardous substances is documented right at the beginning of the procurement cycle. Suppliers declare if any offer they send contains IHM relevant substances and if so, they must attach a material declaration sheet to the offer item. IHM information and related documents are added to the MESPAS procurement system and follow the goods all the way to the customer. IHM reports, visible to both purchaser and vessel, can be generated as and when required for reporting compliance.

With a few clicks of a button responsible parties can view and provide this important information to regulatory authorities. MESPAS ensures that maritime users are always up to date with the latest EU and IMO requirements.

MESPAS constantly helps its users to improve their business processes, resulting in better performance and decreased costs.

MESPAS recently took an active part at IMPA Greece. This procurement forum took place in Athens on the 17th September 2019.

Now in its 3rd year, the IMPA Procurement Forum has established itself as a highly valued event dedicated to the current trends and issues facing marine procurement professionals. Purchasers and technical department personnel come together to find out about the latest industry developments and exchange ideas.

Dominic Seiler, Sales and Marketing Director at MESPAS, was one of the keynote speakers at IMPA. He gave a presentation on the subject of digital integration. He outlined how purchasers and suppliers can save valuable time and money by using cloud-based procurement software. Purchasers can connect directly with suppliers over the MESPAS electronic trading platform. They receive offers, place orders and accept invoices automatically, at the click of a button. Suppliers can add prices and ensure that, as soon as a quotation request is received, an offer is sent within a few seconds.

In outlining the huge benefits of electronic procurement systems, Dominic showed the way ahead in the area of maritime software solutions. MESPAS leads the way.

MAN Energy Solutions, one of the world’s largest maritime suppliers, has integrated with the electronic procurement platform MESPAS Connect, resulting in faster, easier and more efficient purchasing.

The web-based trading platform MESPAS Connect brings ship managers and maritime suppliers together in one online marketplace. Now MAN Energy Solutions, one of the world’s leading suppliers to the maritime industry, is joining Connect.

With the integration of MAN Energy Solutions to MESPAS Connect there is now a fully automated data flow between the two software systems. For ship managers using MESPAS Connect the benefits are huge: they receive immediate electronic offers from MAN with clear price indications and data that is always correct. Gone are the days of requesting offers by email or telephone, tapping in individual product numbers and human error. The MESPAS system does it all automatically.

With the click of a button ship managers can request offers, place orders, receive invoices and approve payments. MAN can make offers, accept orders and send invoices. All in a matter of seconds.

This is modern procurement at its best. The whole process becomes faster, more streamlined, easy to use and efficient. With the integration of MAN, MESPAS Connect proves itself to be the go-to electronic platform for procurement in shipping. Fast, easy and efficient.

MESPAS is the only maritime software supplier to work with a master database in the cloud. Built up over many years, it contains the technical details of the millions of pieces and machinery required on a ship. This unique dataset eliminates the necessity for typing in information, avoiding errors and reducing workload. It is at the heart of both MESPAS Connect and its Technical Ship Management (TSM).

MESPAS constantly helps its users to improve their business processes, resulting in better performance and decreased costs.

Download the press release here

Both MESPAS and NETVISION constantly strive to meet the needs of ship managers and provide them with best-of-breed software in their specialist areas. Now MESPAS, the Zurich-based leading technical software specialist, is joining forces with NETVISION, the Singapore-based leading provider of maritime crewing software, to provide something special: a best-of-breed, complete software package. A mature software package that not only offers all the functions of a technical ship management and crewing system, but also offers the deep functionality that comes from years of development and collaboration with users. This means that ship managers can now source a complete, leading-edge package of professional technical ship management functions from one hand. These functions have been tried and tested over many years in collaboration with users and are already established systems in many hundreds of vessels.

NETVISION’s Compas software is a state-of-the-art crew managing system that enables the management of all aspects of a crew’s activities: crew planning, crew management, crew database, training, assessment, payroll, work and rest hours reporting, payroll, travel plans and much more.

MESPAS’s TSM is a state-of-the-art technical ship management software encompassing maintenance, procurement, QHSE, operations and now crewing. Like MESPAS, the NETVISION concept is based on cloud computing and is therefore an ideal match. Using a master database in the cloud ensures one unique set of data across fleets. Consistency is a given, time is saved, costs are reduced and business performance improved.

With its integrated software solution MESPAS and NETVISION now offer a complete package, serving all the requirements of a technical ship manager. This is smart data at its very best, improving business performance for all users.

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The web-based trading platform MESPAS Connect brings ship managers and maritime suppliers together in an online marketplace. With its new invoicing function MESPAS now covers the full procurement process in one system, creating a uniquely fast and efficient supply chain with distinct benefits for all users.

With the click of a button ship managers can request offers, place orders, receive invoices and approve payments. In a matter of seconds. Suppliers can make offers, accept orders and send invoices. In a matter of seconds. The whole procurement system is streamlined, efficient, easy to use and incredibly fast.

The system is prefilled with global master data, no manual entry is required. Tedious emails and attachments become a thing of the past. Mistakes are eliminated. Payments are faster. The unique, cloud-based MESPAS system provides benefits for both ship managers and suppliers and offers all the features required in a complete procurement process. Fast, efficient, timesaving, easy to use.

As well as procurement, the MESPAS Technical Ship Management (TSM) system offers ship managers all the key functions of maritime software such as maintenance, QHSE and operations. It can be installed in a matter of days and is automatically updated via the cloud.

MESPAS constantly helps its users to improve their business processes, resulting in better performance and decreased costs.

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We have just released our latest software update with various features to make the lives of safety and quality managers easier. OCIMF vetting inspection reports can now be imported and issues tracked and resolved; MESPAS Analytics is now both MRV and IMO DCS compliant; ISM forms and tasks can be linked.

Download the press release here

We are looking forward to the IMPA in Singapore, which will take place from 4 to 5 October. The maritime procurement event that brings buyers and suppliers together. We would be delighted to see you there in person.


Singapore-based MSI Ship Management has completed the roll-out of MESPAS TSM.

“Crews prefer a simple and easy-to-use software for their daily work. [...] This was a major factor during the evaluation of a new system, MESPAS fulfils this requirement.” stated Captain Sanjay Ramnathan, managing director of MSI Ship Management in the project review meeting in August.

The positive attitude of the crews, the close collaboration between MSI office staff and the MESPAS project team resulted in an unrivalled performance during the software implementation. Within only three months, all machinery data (including spare parts) had been added and MESPAS went live on MSI’s entire fleet of 44 ships.

Download the press release here


Please visit us at the Digital Ship Maritime Cyber Resilience Forum during SMM in Hamburg. On Wednesday, 5th of September 2018 the conference takes place in rooms Kopenhagen 1-3 in Hall 3B. Besides various interesting speakers and speeches, do not miss our first event promoting our very new maritime e-trading platform MESPAS Connect. We would like to show you everything about our new product and how it perfectly fits in your existing software landscape. Learn more about MESPAS Connect here and find the details about the Digital Ship Cyber Resilience Forum here. Please do not hesitate to contact us to fix a personal appointment during any other day during SMM.

Connect News

Good news for the maritime industry: MESPAS has launched an entirely new e-trading platform: MESPAS Connect links ship managers and maritime suppliers together for a more efficient supply chain. The platform also provides a clear solution to the well-known lack of structured data in maritime procurement.

Various functionalities for supplier sourcing, rating and global search will be available to ship managers. The platform can be integrated in to any purchase software via standard interface. Offer requests and orders are transferred to a selected supplier without manual interference. Suppliers not only submit offers and receive orders, management tools also assist them in analysing their business or in assigning cases to account managers. Via a state-of-the-art API interface, MESPAS Connect is consistently plugged-in to the suppliers’ inhouse software. This is enabled by the MESPAS global master database. All parties work with the same structured data of 60’000 machinery types and millions of spare parts.

MESPAS Connect – The Maritime Platform is available online via connect.mespas.com.

Download the press release here

Interested to join the MESPAS maritime community? Contact us for more information.


MESPAS strengthens its Asian local presence with its newly opened subsidiary in Singapore. With having some of the largest ports in the world, the Asian market has always been of vital importance in MESPAS' history. MESPAS’ Maritime Software Solutions have been in use in South East Asia for more than eleven years.

It was only a matter of time to expand and open an office in Singapore. With this step MESPAS aims to satisfy the highest requirements in terms of customer service and be even closer to their existing and future clients in Asia.

MESPAS is proud to have Mr. Shridhar Viswanathan on board to lead the local Singapore office. Besides having a strong background in the maritime industry, he is as well experienced in working with MESPAS products as a marine manager for many years before.

MESPAS is headquartered in Zurich Switzerland and underpins its truly global outreach with this establishment to gain further foothold in the Asian market.

For more information, please contact us.


We are pleased to announce that you will find at the Digital Ship Maritime CIO Forum in Hamburg. We look forward to meeting you in person, to fruitful discussions, and to new maritime market insights.


We are happy to meet you at this very first Vessel Performance Optimisation Forum. It is a great opportunity for us to present our solution Vessel Perfomance Analytics (VPA) that has been developed in tight collaboration with the Zurich University of Applied Science (ZHAW). Dr. Lilach Goren Huber shows how MESPAS VPA optimizes planned maintenance in order to minimize operation & maintenance costs and to improve energy efficiency. All based on a high volume of maintenance and operation related data. We look forward to meeting you for a chat about the potential for the industry or your fleet. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.


We are pleased to announce that you will find us on the 4th of October 2017 in Singapore, at the Digital Ship Maritime CIO Forum. With pleasure, we show you more about our technical ship management software but also about our brand-new products Supply Chain Integration and our API integration for suppliers. Both for an improved and namely, consistent data flow between purchasers and suppliers.
We look forward to meeting you in person, to fruitful discussions, and to new maritime market insights. Please find even more information about the event here.