New Version 2.0 of Supplier Business Management is Launched

SBM News

The new version 2.0 of Supplier Business Management (SBM) implements a strategic enhancement of the MESPAS philosophy: the opening of the MESPAS Supply Chain Management to all players in the maritime industry.

You as a supplier typically receive up to 80% of the customer inquiries via email. SBM 2.0 allows for integrating such requests – and to ensure a structured, fast and standardized response to your customers. Define your offer structure, corporate identity, business terms, legal disclaimers and more just once – and use it in all your correspondence with customers. Hereby ensure business overview; open inquiries, open offers, transaction volumes with a certain customer and much more with just one tool, the MESPAS SBM.

You as a fleet manager might be happy with your present fleet management application – although not provided by MESPAS. However, you probably are looking for reduced procurement transaction cost and fail-safe communication with your suppliers by a digital, online integration of these business partners? Then have a look at our new Buyer Plugin, an MTML adaptor, allowing to connect most relevant fleet management applications in the market with the MESPAS Supply Chain Management e-commerce platform.