MESPAS adds invoicing function to create complete electronic procurement process


The web-based trading platform MESPAS Connect brings ship managers and maritime suppliers together in an online marketplace. With its new invoicing function MESPAS now covers the full procurement process in one system, creating a uniquely fast and efficient supply chain with distinct benefits for all users.

With the click of a button ship managers can request offers, place orders, receive invoices and approve payments. In a matter of seconds. Suppliers can make offers, accept orders and send invoices. In a matter of seconds. The whole procurement system is streamlined, efficient, easy to use and incredibly fast.

The system is prefilled with global master data, no manual entry is required. Tedious emails and attachments become a thing of the past. Mistakes are eliminated. Payments are faster. The unique, cloud-based MESPAS system provides benefits for both ship managers and suppliers and offers all the features required in a complete procurement process. Fast, efficient, timesaving, easy to use.

As well as procurement, the MESPAS Technical Ship Management (TSM) system offers ship managers all the key functions of maritime software such as maintenance, QHSE and operations. It can be installed in a matter of days and is automatically updated via the cloud.

MESPAS constantly helps its users to improve their business processes, resulting in better performance and decreased costs.

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