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Comply with MRV regulation, use gathered information for further analytics and involve your verifier online

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Monitor vessel performance, generate fuel claims, cover reporting regulations, simulate and optimize maintenance decisions

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Working with MESPAS products? Then have a look at this elegant approach for supervising your relevant business parameters

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Traditional reporting at its best – online access or scheduled distribution, create valuable information out of collected data

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Monitoring Reporting Verification (MRV)


MRV is coming – with MESPAS you are prepared, also for the following IMO regulation, inspired by MRV. Reduction of carbon dioxide emission is crucial - and MESPAS MRV is assisting. Leverage gathered information that is required by the new regulation; combine MRV with MESPAS Vessel Performance Analytics (VPA).

The browser based MESPAS MRV solution identifies reporting gaps, anomalies in gathered data and – in combination with MESPAS PAM – allows for a fully integrated data process flow. Even your MRV verifier may access data online, anytime.

Interested in a combination of MESPAS MRV and verification services? Just contact us to get more insights.

Vessel Performance Analytics (VPA)


MESPAS Vessel Performance Analytics is a browser based online application for analysing ship performance over time. Basically, VPA combines noon reports and additionally provided parameters from your vessels with further voyage information, such as geo-position data and weather situation attributes along the journey. Such data, coupled by sophisticated statistical algorithms, lead to a manifold of benefits.

Voyage Analytics – find out about fuel consumption over time; adjusted by weather factors, currents, and other voyage parameters, like sailing speed or draft, visualize journeys, compare and optimize for future voyages.

Fuel Claiming Support – need to explain fuel consumption to charterers and other stakeholders? Reuse voyage parameters to clarify and monetarize external effects.

Hull and Propeller Condition Monitoring – VPA unveils added resistance by the hull and propeller fouling; thus, provides insights into vessel efficiency loss over time.

Maintenance Advice – by elaborating hull and propeller conditions, combined with cost of respective cleaning activities, estimated opportunity cost and fuel prices, decision supporting advice or simulations are provided.

Event Detection – monitoring of exceptional situations, like a sharp increase of fuel consumption, allows for addressing potential issues rapidly.

Would you like to learn more, are you interested in a presentation? Contact us anytime – we are looking forward to discuss with you.

Management Information Dashboards (MID)


MESPAS' management information dashboards – an elegant way to supervise your business. Whatever has been accumulated in our centralized, multi-tenant database over the last decade can be unveiled, clarified, analysed, compressed and visualized for supervision or oversight purposes.

Go beyond the scope of your individual business, and compare your figures directly with industry averages or market trends.

We provide a standard fleet management dashboard and we are keen to realize customized views, no matter whether you are a fleet manager or a supplier to the maritime industry.

Management Reporting Engine (MRE)


Access the MESPAS data universe with our best-of-breed Management Reporting Engine. Whatever information has been gathered since 2004 within our centralized infrastructure, may it be focused on technical or business-related insights, will be disclosed for you with the MESPAS MRE.

We are already providing more than 60 standard reports – in particular for fleet managers, but of course this already rich set may be extended and customized anytime to meet your need for information. And certainly, access is not limited to fleet managers. Also as a supplier to the maritime industry, you might like to have a closer look at some key parameters of your business. Is – as an example – your offer/order ratio similar to the MESPAS community average?

Looking for an approach to share information about your business performance with other stakeholders, such as investors or public authorities? Just define the insights to be granted, addressees and frequency of updates.

All reports are accessible online or may be scheduled and distributed as per your needs, automatically. Wherever you are, 24 hours a day, the key information to manage your business is always there.



MESPAS' data universe covers oceanographic, meteorological, geo-positioning, economic and maintenance data - we are happy to assist you in finding statistical meaning in your data that helps further optimizing your business.

MESPAS currently conducts a research project with the University of Applied Sciences in Winterthur (ZHAW). The project received partial government funding from Switzerland's commission for technology and innovation.

Would you like to learn more about our joint project with ZHAW or do you have an innovative project idea which includes research as well as software development? Please get in touch with us.

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MESPAS' team consists of mechanical, computer and electrical engineers, mathematicians and business administration experts. This skill mix, paired with long years of experience in the maritime and industrial sectors, makes MESPAS your ideal partner for analytics, optimization and research projects

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