Physical Asset Management

Physical Asset Management Basic


Easy starting with first MESPAS modules Inspection and Task Management – then take advantage of additional modules when suitable, stepwise, automatically deployed, without any installation efforts

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Physical Asset Management Advanced


Access our Planned Maintenance, our integrated Procurement Solution and much more out-of-the box – preconfigured based on best practice knowledge, gained in over ten years, with hundreds of installations

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Product Overview

Physical Asset Management Pro


Benefit from our Planned Maintenance Solution, integrated Procurement, QHSE and more, seamlessly integrated into your application landscape, individually customized for you, leveraging your previous investments

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Physical Asset Management (PAM) Basic

Looking for a smooth entry into software based technical asset management? Then consider starting with our Basic approach, where we activate some baseline MESPAS modules for you. We will ship our MESPAS Cube to your vessels or industrial plants, preconfigured, ready for plug-and-play. Whenever you require additional MESPAS modules we will simply have to activate accordingly, it will then be synchronised with your installations, allowing for a stepwise introduction of a fully-fledged technical asset management system.

Physical Asset Management (PAM) Advanced

Benefit not only from ready to use maintenance plans, spare part lists, the required manuals and defined QHSE processes, but also from a fully integrated online procurement solution with more than ten thousand suppliers offering and invoicing electronically.

MESPAS is now operating hundreds of installations in the shipping as well as other industries and has been experiencing a continuous growth of the customer community since 2004. Not only have we gained the knowledge for recommending best practice setup and processes, we’ve also collected a unique asset of information; thousands of maintenance plans and manuals, hundreds of thousands of detailed overhaul records and we have processed close to a billion orders over our procurement platform - granting insights into price development, delivery accuracy of suppliers, etc.

Looking for a best of breed solution for the technical management of your assets, minimum project implementation efforts, ready to use within days rather than months, all this at moderate initial and running costs? This is exactly what we’re focusing on with our PAM Advanced.

Physical Asset Management (PAM) Professional

Not found a standard software product for the technical management of your assets yet? The Professional flavour of our Physical Asset Management will be tailored for you, leveraging your competitive advantages with individual extensions, integrated with your previous ICT investments (e.g. ERP solutions) for straight through processing.

With our PAM Professional Solution, we combine your comparative advantages, i.e. specialised processes, unique knowledge or previous investments into your ICT infrastructure with our products and experience. We customize our solutions and services to meet your particular requirements. We integrate our software components into your application landscape and we’re glad to realize software components individually for you.

Both our Physical Asset Management Solutions – the Advanced and the Professional flavour - come with shipping industry class approval. Contact us without commitment at any time for an online presentation of our products.

Product Overview

Our Out-Of-The Box Modules and Feature

Interfaces – we’re ready to integrate; no matter what information needs to be interchanged with other applications like accounting systems, our standard interface modules will either be a fit or else we’ll individually tailor the required integration for you.

Task and Inspection Management – task management for all your unplanned maintenance and general tasks, allowing for assigning duties to human resources, recording fulfilment and more. Pre-process equipment inspections, manage corrective activities such as warranties, claims and repairs.

Document and Form Management – 40’000 maintenance and product manuals, continuously amended on our centralized infrastructure, available to our customer community immediately after manufacturer updates, configurable forms for incident reports, checklists, and more.

Installation Data Management – the complete machinery of your entire fleet, hierarchically structured for a comprehensive organization and modification. All MESPAS modules seamlessly integrated with this information structure for transparent technical management.

Planned Maintenance – seamless planning of your assets’ maintenance, including required human resources, spare parts, deadlines; definition of alerts, assignment of maintenance documents and configurable job cards, disclosure of dependencies, etc.

Stock Management – spare parts and inventory positions assigned to maintenance tasks, automatically updated by procurement activities, linked with your budget figures. Definition of critical parts, alerting for mandatory inventory levels, etc.

QHSE – Quality, Health, Safety, Environment. Ensuring respective quality management processes and track records, audit trails, allowing for risk assessment, definition of risk mitigation measures and incident management, etc.

Noon-Report – tailored for the shipping industry, report all relevant information to the respective stakeholders, reuse the information already available and automatically transmit your report to your owners, charterers and your on-shore premises.

Budgeting and Invoice Management – Assign financial resources to your assets or particular components and track situations, directly updated by procurement and maintenance activities, handle invoices online and electronically update your accounting solution.

Operations – configurable monitoring for crucial processes, flexible alerting mechanisms. All KPIs accessible via dashboard module and the MESPAS Analytics solution; extending access beyond single installations in case you’re running multiple assets like a maritime fleet or multiple production plants.


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